Dr. Max Gomez: Hydrotherapy Can Be Useful For Injured Dogs

I saw this post and thought it was interesting. If you have already checked out the kinesiotaping posts from Monday and Tuesday, imagine the k-tape also being performed for dogs (short haired, of course). It seems almost everything we do with humans in PT can also be done with dogs.

CBS New York

[worldnow id=9608319 width=420 height=266 type=video]

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Many agree physical therapy can be essential to a person’s recovery from a myriad of injuries and it turns out the same can be said for dogs, too.

As CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported Friday, owners with dogs in need of physical therapy may want to consider an underwater treadmill treatment called hydrotherapy.

“Spot,” an almost 2-year-old bulldog, has had three surgeries on his bad knees. And much like humans who suffer from knee problems, Spot needs physical therapy, Gomez reported.

Spot uses hydrotherapy along with other physical therapy techniques to strengthen his knees.

Therapists adjust the water level for Spot based on what he can handle, starting him off at a higher level of water to take the pressure off his painful joints, Gomez reported.

“Yes, yes each patient is different, so whatever they can do. But we always…

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